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Canvas emperor tent use guide



Canvas emperor tent or a yurt is a type of round-topped temporary dwelling used by many nomadic societies in Inner Asia.   The structure consists of an upright circular wooden frame supporting an umbrella-like cone-shaped roof.   The roof is made out of felt or skins and the walls are traditionally covered with brightly colored fabrics.   Yurts can be moved easily and quickly which makes them perfect for people who have to travel often for their livelihood.

Model and size of Canvas emperor tent


Diameter(m/feet)  Top Height(m) Struts(mm) Floor Area(㎡) Suggested Capacity(people sleeping)
5m 2.5 Φ26*1.5 5 1-2
6m 3 Φ26*1.5 6 1-2
7m 3.5 Φ26*1.5 7 1-2
8m 3.7 Φ26*1.5 8 2-4
9m 4 Φ26*1.5/Φ32*2 9 2-4


How to clean Canvas emperor tent


When you have a canvas emperor tent, you want to be sure that you are storing it properly so that it will last a long time. Here are some tips on how to store your canvas emperor tent: 


1. Make sure that the tent is completely dry before you store it. If it is even slightly damp, it could mildew and ruin the fabric.


2. Fold the tent up neatly so that all of the creases are smooth.


Maintaining the Emperor's Tent


1.Always dry your tent before you pack it away to store. Never keep the tent stored away wet for longer than two days otherwise fungus can affect the canvas which will then create permanent marks.

2.The canvas has been impregnated with an anti-fungal waterproofing agent that is effective for up to 60 weeks of use (so a year). Once you have passed this period of camping you may need to re-proof certain areas that appear more translucent.

3.Maintenance starts when setting up your Bell Tent. If a Bell Tent has not been set up correctly uneven forces will pull on the canvas. This could eventually lead to damage. To ensure your tent stays set up correctly daily guy rope maintenance is necessary.

4.It is in your interest to keep the canvas as clean as possible and remove stains when created. Dust and dried mud is best removed once the canvas is dry by brushing with a clean hard brush like a floor scrubbing brush.

5.The lifespan of your tent is very dependent upon camping conditions such as air pollution, ultraviolet radiation, natural dirt (bird droppings, sand, salt water) and domestic dirt (cooking stains, soda, wine, sun cream).

6.Fungus and stains Due to insufficient ventilation, fungus can affect the canvas. It is important to store your tent dry so no fungus or other stains can appear.

If you have to temporarily store the tent wet be sure to remove the mud and dirt from the bottom of the tent put your tent back out to dry within 48 hours.In order to limit fungus and stains on your tent:Store your tent 100% dry When dealing with fungus, use a soft brush or sponge and a lot of fresh water.Only use specialized tent cleaning products to remove difficult stains as other chemical products can cause the cotton to leak.We suggest you have your tent re-impregnated with waterproofer if any area has been cleaned using a cleaning product.



About LESHADE Canvas emperor tent factory


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