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Canvas patrol tent use guide



A canvas patrol tent is a type of shelter used by the military, law enforcement, and outdoor enthusiasts. It is typically made from a waterproof and durable canvas material, and has a sturdy frame to support the structure. The canvas patrol tent is usually light enough to be carried by one or two people, making it ideal for use in mobile operations. It is ideal for use in camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. The tent is made of waterproof and breathable fabric that can withstand harsh weather conditions. It has a spacious interior that can accommodate up to four people. The tent also features a rainfly for added protection against the elements.

Model and size of Canvas patrol tent


Diameter(m/feet)  Top Height(m) Struts(mm) Floor Area(㎡) Suggested Capacity(people sleeping)
5m 2.5 Φ26*1.5 5 1-2
6m 3 Φ26*1.5 6 1-2
7m 3.5 Φ26*1.5 7 1-2
8m 3.7 Φ26*1.5 8 2-4
9m 4 Φ26*1.5/Φ32*2 9 2-4



The history of canvas patrol tents


From the early days of the Roman Empire to the present, canvas patrol tents have been used by militaries around the world. The first known use of canvas tents was by the Roman army, who used them for shelter while on campaign. The word "canvas" comes from the Latin word for hemp, which was used to make the fabric.


Canvas patrol tents continued to be used by armies through the Middle Ages and into the modern era. They were particularly popular during the Napoleonic Wars, as they were lightweight and easy to transport. Today, canvas patrol tents are still used by militaries, as well as by outdoor enthusiasts for camping and other activities.



The benefits of using a canvas patrol tent


A canvas patrol tent is a type of military tent that is used as a temporary shelter. It is usually made from a waterproof and rot-resistant canvas material. The benefits of using a canvas patrol tent include the following: 


1.Canvas patrol tents are very sturdy and can withstand harsh weather conditions.


2. They are also very spacious, which makes them ideal for use as a base camp or command post


3. Canvas tents are also relatively easy to set up and take down, which is beneficial when time is of the essence.



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