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The best canvas wall tents in the woods

glam camp 2022-08-02

Diligently Consider Buying the Best Wall Tent

The woods are a fun and exciting place to spend time. But whether you plan to stay there for a night, a week, a month or more, you need to make sure you have the right gear to keep you safe and comfortable. Honestly, the biggest factor to consider when spending time in the woods has to be the weather.




While the wind doesn't seem too scary, if it gets too strong, it can lead to dust storms, dangerous flying debris, and more. Not to mention, the wind can also significantly lower the temperature in an area, which can cause your skin to crack and burn if it gets too strong.



If there's one thing you can always count on in the woods, it's that it always rains at the worst of times. Rain is a constant factor every camper needs to be aware of. If you get wet from the rain, it can damage your gear and possibly even make you hypothermic. Rain at least makes your experience in the woods more difficult to enjoy when you do have some sort of shelter.


hot day

Another thing you have to worry about when you're in the woods is getting too hot. Even in areas that can get cold, there will still be hot days. On a hot day, as many of you can imagine, you can suffer from heat stroke, severe sunburn, and many other horrific ailments. So, heat is definitely something you need to prepare for.


cold night
On the other end of the spectrum we have chilly nights where you might spend some time in the woods. It seems that no matter what time of year you decide to venture into the great outdoors, nights tend to be much cooler than expected. So, cold nights are definitely what you need to be prepared for. Like rain, cold nights can cause hypothermia, but also frostbite, extreme discomfort, and in some extreme cases, death.


The Best Wall Tent Features to Overcome These Challenges

Considering all the dangers you may face while spending the night in the woods, the best preparation you can do is to buy a tent that will protect you from all of them. While there are many tents with many different features, here's a quick list of the features you should be aware of when purchasing. Anyway, this is not a complete list but just the most common things you need.


Appropriate Design and Materials

First, for the best wall tents, you need a canvas tent with a proper frame system. Nothing is more durable than canvas, you want something that can take a hit. Choose a wall tent or a bell tent that can handle snow.


waterproof canvas

For canvas wall tents, the next most important thing to look for is how waterproof the canvas is. Standard cotton canvas requires special, expensive treatments to be waterproof. This treatment is an absolute must. Our unique blend requires no such treatment. Untreated traditional cotton canvas will absorb moisture and make you uncomfortable. So make sure you buy tents that are either treated canvas or made of polyester or other synthetic materials.



The best wall tents include adequate ventilation. Ventilation is very important when you are in a hot or humid environment (or both), ventilation will allow you to move air through the tent, making it more bearable. Ventilation methods need to be built into your tent, but they can't just be a window, they need to have some sort of screen to keep bugs or other pests out.


stove jack

Now, it's time to look at the stove. Jacks allow you to place a wood-burning stove inside the tent. This means that when it's cold outside, you can keep the tent warm and even cook inside. Stove jacks come in a variety of sizes, so be sure to check and make sure the tent you buy has a jack that will fit your existing stove pipes (if you have one)



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