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Army green bell tent glam camp
Army green bell tent glam camp
Army green bell tent glam camp
Army green bell tent glam camp
Army green bell tent glam camp
Army green bell tent glam camp
Army green bell tent glam camp
Army green bell tent glam camp
Army green bell tent glam camp
Army green bell tent glam camp
glam camp

Army green bell tent

price glam camp

For those who enjoy camping and exploring the great outdoors, the Army Green Trumpet Tent is a great outdoor shelter. It is designed to provide a comfortable and safe space for any outdoor activity, while maintaining a good appearance. The Army Green Trumpet Tent is a reliable and timeless option that can be used in a variety of different ways, making it ideal for any camping or adventure adventure.

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    Diameter: 5m/16.4ft;4m/13ft Color: Beige
    Top to bottom height: 8.2ft(2.5m);9.9ft(3m)
    Stove jack hole:
    Side wall height: 1.97fnt(60cm)
    Suitable number of people:



    Army green bell tent

    The Army green bell tent is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a reliable, strong, and comfortable shelter. It is easy to set up and take down and its classic design ensures it will last for years to come. Its water-resistant material helps keep the interior dry during rainstorm, while mesh windows allow air to circulate and bugs to be kept out.


    Stylish and durable

    This stylish army green bell tent will bring a rustic charm to any outdoor space. Made with durable canvas, it’s designed to stand up to the elements for long-lasting enjoyment in any climate.


    Easy setup

    Forget about spending hours struggling to put together a complicated tent; this bell tent can be set up quickly and easily thanks to its simple construction. All you need is one person and a couple of minutes to get ready for your next outdoor adventure.


    Versatile use

    From camping trips to backyard sleepovers, this army green bell tent is perfect for any occasion. It’s also great for festivals or outdoor weddings as it makes a statement without taking up too much space.

    Ample room

    Whether you’re hosting an outdoor party or just want extra space for your family and friends while camping, this tent provides plenty of room. With a spacious interior and ample headroom, it can comfortably accommodate up to 6 people.


    Weather protection

    The heavy duty canvas fabric helps keep out wind, rain and snow so you can stay warm and dry inside the tent on even the coldest nights. Additionally, it comes with an integrated groundsheet that provides additional protection from the elements.



    Your Professional Bell Tent Manufacturer

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  • Two Ways to Build:Tent/Shelter:

    The bell tent is a place for residence,travel and leisure.The groundsheet is removable,and the walls can be rolled up just like a big tarp or shelter,just like a big tarp or shelter.


    A-shaped wide door, 2-layer door (mesh + canvas),Protective skirting, 4 mesh windows Top stove (5 inches), 4 roof vents Tub-style binding,branded zipper and bug sticker flap Strong drawcord


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