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Disaster Relief tent glam camp
Disaster Relief tent glam camp
Disaster Relief tent glam camp
Disaster Relief tent glam camp
Disaster Relief tent glam camp
Disaster Relief tent glam camp

Disaster Relief tent

price glam camp

The technical specifications for this tent have been developed by shelter experts, in close technical cooperation between UNHCR, the ICRC and the ICRC to ensure a product suitable for human use in all climates, with suitable outdoor longevity, at the lowest cost.

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    Length: 6.6m Width: 4m
    Roof Height:
    2.2m Wall Height:
    55kgs 1X20'GP:
    Packing size:
    One master bundle,155x60x22cm Net:
    100% polyester,25holes/cm2, 40gsm,both on door and windows
    Roof covering:
    Polyester/cotton canvas,340gsm,water proof, water repellent,natural colour Wall covering:
    Polyester/cotton canvas,200gsm,water proof,water repellent,natural color
    Φ8mm polyester ropes, 3m on length,6pcs; Φ6mm polyester ropes, 3m on length,4pcs Hammer:
    1kg head, 30cm wooden handle
    Inner tent covering:
     Polyester/cotton fabric,100gsm,hanged system,in sand color, hanged on the ridge poles Chimney:
    A chimney reinforcement with non-perforated opening by the side of back door
    PE weaven fabric 180gsm, water proof,in sand/black/white/silver color Ground sheet:
    PE weaven fabric 180gsm, water proof,in beige color, sewn with inner tent
    Side pole:
    Dia.19mm  galvanized steel tube,1.2mm thickness,powder coated Carrybag:
    Tent fabric to be packed by outer tent wall canvas, poles and accessories to be packed by mudflap fabric
    2 doors with lace system on the outer tent, 2 doors with zipper and screen door on the inner tent Stakes:
    Steel stakes, 25x3mm steel,50cm on length,6pcs; steel pegs,Φ10mm,30cm long, 4pcs;small pins,Φ6mm,23cm long, 26pcs
    Central pole:
    Upright poles:Dia.25mm  galvanized steel tube,1.2mm thickness,powder coated; Ridge pole:Dia.30mm  galvanized steel tube,1.2mm thickness,powder coated Windows & Ventilation:
    2 long windows(360x60cm) with screen net and flaps on outer tent, 2 windows with screen net on inner tent; 2 vents on front and back side above door



    Relief tent

    The rescue tent is made of 180 g/m2 of woven polyethylene (PE) fabric the same as used on the fenders. The maximum overall length must not exceed 2250mm and the diameter is approximately 300mm to allow for extra space for easy repacking.


    Shelf life

    The tent has a shelf life of at least 5 years under normal storage conditions in a dry, clean, ventilated warehouse. It should be stored from the ground, unstacked, on pallets and pallet racks, not containers or in tent warehouses. The tent is sensitive to rain and moisture after packing.


    Seams and stitching

    All seams subject to possible tension are double-lock stitched and water-proofed. Stitching should produce strong, long lasting, neat and professional looking seams.The stitch count as well as UV and rot-proof sewing threads are appropriate and adapted to each fabric. It allows for strong waterproofseams with at least the same life span as the tent.The seams are always oriented in order to let the rain run freely, to avoid retaining water lines or water pockets.Wherever possible, the colour of the sewing thread is adapted to the fabric color.

    Note: Gluing or any other methods that do not ensure the overall performance of the Tent are not accepted on stiching.


    The final product must be able to withstand 75 km/h wind, to be strongly attached to the ground and tensioned without any damages.When closed, the tent must give a good protection against dust, wind, rain, snow, insects and small crawling fauna.Minimum roof load to be 300 N/m2


    Ropes, webbing bands, toggles, loops, reinforcement nettings, and all other accessories

    All ropes and webbing bands are heat cut. All ropes are knotted to the tent from the factory. All above mentioned items are rot-proof and UV-proof at least as much as the tent canvas which they are sewn to. No webbing or rope is sewn through a stitch going from outside the tent to inside the tent to avoid water penetration by capillarity, or are made of waterproof materials. Laces or loops can also be made of the same canvas as the tent roof/wall for the outer tent loops, and of the same canvas they are sewn to for the inner tent loops.

  • This rescue tent mounts easily on hard surfaces, offers more interior volume, and requires less mounting surface than standard family tents. Nonetheless, in order to guarantee good wind resistance, the tent needs to be firmly anchored to the ground with the ropes and nails provided. Symmetrical flaps offer the possibility of connecting 2 tents together longitudinally to create a larger unit.
    Packaging storage bag Drawstring large interior space Accessories
    Triangular vents with reinforced mesh and rain shield Stainless steel support fittings Fireproof and waterproof material 20mm wide plastic hook


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